Visiting the Gibson Factory in Memphis Posted on 17 Mar 14:42 , 0 comments

Just took a tour of the Gibson #guitar factory in Memphis. Amazing!

Studio Time Posted on 13 Mar 18:01 , 0 comments

Day off? Oh no, we must make music. #Studio time.

Feel The Music Posted on 13 Mar 18:00 , 0 comments

The goal is to make you feel the music, not just hear it. KWS

Experience Hendrix Tour Posted on 09 Mar 12:12 , 0 comments

I hope all of you have been enjoying the shows as much as I have. Thanks for allowing me to do what I do. See y'all in TX tomorrow.

Indio, CA Posted on 04 Mar 15:07 , 0 comments

Had a great time in Indo CA last night. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Valley Center CA, here we come.

THE MAKING OF AN ALBUM... Posted on 03 Mar 00:05 , 0 comments

Oakland, CA Posted on 27 Feb 20:33 , 0 comments

Thanks Oakland CA for a great time last night. See everyone in Reno tonight.

School Of Rock! Posted on 27 Feb 20:31 , 0 comments

Oakland School of Rock came by soundcheck today. Good kids finding their outlet in music.

Whipper's drums Posted on 16 Feb 21:14 , 0 comments

I'm always posting guitar pics... how about some #drums Here's a shot of my boy Chris "Whipper" Layton's drum kit from when we were in the studio a few weeks ago.

The Canyon Posted on 06 Feb 17:04 , 0 comments

Thanks to everyone at The Canyon who came out to our sold out show last night! Tonight we will be rocking another sold out crowd in Scottsdale AZ.